Web Development

We do web development differently than most web companies. Most web design companies are usually graphic designers and focus on the site looks. We are marketers and our end goal isn't solely to give you a great looking site, but also for your website is to get you more sales. A great looking website does nothing for you if no one ever sees it.


It is often difficult to know what kind of solution you need when you dont know whats out there.  Simplistech Solutions can help you choose the right software for your needs.  We can also help see road bumps that might hinder your future growth, saving you lots of money in the future.

Site 'types' we provide

We aften get questions like "Can you build me a blog?" or "Can I sell stuff with my site?"  Below is a list of a few site 'types' that we provide:
  • Simple HTML web sites
  • A Blog
  • Forum sites
  • E-commerce sites (sell goods/services online)
  • Wiki's
  • Image Gallery
  • Donation sites
  • Membership sites (free or paid)
...and all of the above combined.


Graphic Design

Quality graphics are very important to how a visitor views a company. Users will often judge the quality of a company and its products based on their initial impression of the site.  The graphics on your site are the first items a user see's when they visit and just like when you go to a meeting, the first impression is important.  So dress your site well
Here are a few items we can provide:
  • Company logo's
  • Icon design
  • Button design
  • Entire site designs
  • Business card designs
  • Newsletter headers
  • T-shirts
  • etc...