Technology Advising and Training

Software / Hardware Training

Hiring new employees is expensive causing a company to loose money until they are thoroughly trained and efficient at their new tasks. The faster and smoother the training process goes, the sooner an employee will start to make you money. Below is a quick list of basic applications we train on.
imageOffice Applications:
Microsoft Office: Word, Excel, Powerpoint, Outlook
Openoffice: Calc, Writer, Impress
imageInternet Applications:
Email: Gmail, Yahoo
Calendars: Google, Yahoo, 30 Boxes, ZOHO
Document: Google Apps, ZOHO

Windows Mobile basics
Blackberry basics
Software: calendar syncing, task management, push email

Custom Company Specific Training Materials:

We also have experience creating step-by-step software training material that can decrease training time and help reduce the "teachers" involvement in the training.
Training materials can be customized to the way your business uses a piece of software and helps make training new employee's quick and easy.


Here are a couple items we specialize in:
Step by Step Training manual creation
Screencasts and Videos

imageSoftware / Hardware Advise

Technology changes so quickly that its hard to keep up with whats out there.  Simplistech solutions can advise you many types of hardware and software... and can keep it within your budget.

Software Alternatives

One thing we hate is over priced software, especially when there is something free or open source that works just as well (often times better).  Small businesses have a limited budget so cutting back on software costs is important.  Simplistech Solutions speciallizes in finding and testing Open Source/Free software.  If your looking for something and just cant afford it, ask us... we'll help you find an alternative.