Marketing for HVAC Contractors


I, like you am a small business owner; not an employee or salesmen but a business owner just like you! I make my living from providing internet solutions to small and medium sized businesses! Having many years previous experience working with big corporations promoting and selling their products and services online internationally, I have, as you can imagine, picked up more than just a few techniques in how to generate new business for any sized company.""Now 18 months ago I did something I never usually do, and that was mix my work with family! More to the point, my father, who runs a small "plumbing" business asked me to "build him a website and put it on that Google thing?" Now, I was at the time working with various small businesses anyway so I put together a simple site and used my tips & techniques to market it properly online. Well the results blew me away!""Within 2 weeks the site was DOMINATING all major search engines for local searches and he was receiving calls from potential clients whom had found her via Google sometimes twice daily. Now my father's business and website is still up and running, and from day one I set up a system to track how many of his clients were actually coming from his website. We calculated in the past 6 months alone approximately 38% of all new business had come from that very site!""Now obviously I thought I was onto something and dug a little deeper. I found that "Plumbers" in all areas across the UK are very highly sought after through the internet. I also realised that the techniques I had used are not to my knowledge used by generic web companies and are an untapped area "so to speak". So results have been much higher, and after speaking with many plumbers across the UK the results have been the same if not better in most cases.

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